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Cells & Substrates offers a variety of components for the development of solid oxide fuel cells.  We have a broad range of complete cells and substrates in standard and custom formats.
  • YSZ-8 and Hionic button supports
  • Electrolyte and anode supported cells
  • Single sided electrolyte supported cells for electrode research
  • Anode-electrolyte bilayers for cathode research and development

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Interconnects offers precious metal pastes, meshes and interconnect materials and solutions for solid oxide fuel cells. This broad range of products allows researchers to find all the auxiliary parts needed to conduct a proper cell or stack test.

NexTech Materials is currently working with clients to deliver interconnect coating solutions. Check here to see what NexTech is up to.

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Seals offers two different compression seal materials and a sealant paste.  The compression seals are great for use with planar cells, both anode and electrolyte supported.  The sealant paste is good for planar and tubular solid oxide fuel cells.

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Current Collecting Materials offers pastes and meshes to assist with current collection during solid oxide fuel cell testing.  Our pastes are designed to adhere to both the cells/substrates and to metal meshes.  The meshes are sized to meet the needs of researchers performing button cell tests or larger area cell tests.

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Close-Out Components keeps tight thickness tolerances on components that we offer our clients. From time to time we make a batch of substrates that is either too thick or too thin. We are now offering these substrates at discounted prices to help with SOFC research. These substrates go through the same quality measures as our standard in-spec products and are perfectly fine to use if you do not have a requirement on thickness.
  • Limited quantities
  • We will not be making more of these materials once they are gone.

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